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Sextin' with strangers

Sexting with strangers and random people is more of fun and onetime satiation of your sexual fantasies. Well, if you manage to glue up with the stranger sextee, it can be a long term sexting affair though! However, in order to keep things plain and simple, we will assume that you will do that only once with one stranger. There is always and always one golden rule of thumb and you must follow the same – never get into trouble!

sextin with strangersSo, here is how you start: send out simple text messages and find out whether the stranger you are planning to sext with is actually a person who is not resilient to strangers. This means that you need to first send plain and simple text with slight fun and see how the person responds.

If you find that the response shows signs of welcome, you can take it on from there. However, if you find that the stranger is not in a mood of speaking or his/her words show signs of annoyance and anger or disgust, you are advised to stop texting (forget about sexting). Now that we know what we need to do on the preliminary stage, the next stage is to proceed cautiously.

If you find that the stranger is responding to your texts pretty well, you need to move slowly because you are not aware of his or her preferences and likings. You need to ensure that the ball keeps moving from one court to the other. Use words or texts which will bring his or her fantasies to alive and ensure that the sextee takes the first step to disclose his or her likes or dislikes in bedroom.
In order to do this, you will have to open up yourself and questions to the person. You need to remember the answer that you receive and you will have to build up on that. This essentially means that you will have to give importance to what that person needs or is looking for. Failure to do so or, if you try to push the person to respond in a manner you want, it will only send negative signals. Remember, driving a stranger deep into sexting requires proper understanding of the stranger’s tastes and preferences. Do that and you will be rewarded!


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